Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Office 365 Mailbox De-Clutter

Since I was a Gmail user for so long, I got used to some of the features and subsequently took them for granted.  One of those features was the automatic classification of email on perceived "importance".

Gmail took it a step further and started to break out email into multiple groups such as: Social, Forum, Updates and Promotions.  This made it nice to really de-clutter my mailbox within Gmail and I started to miss this once I migrated over to Office 365.  

Well, apparently just a few days ago, the Clutter feature came out. This feature learns your behavior and will classify certain inbound email as clutter.   I enabled it, and it is starting to actually learn my behavior within two days.  

If you want to enable it in your Office 365 mailbox, launch OWA, ( - Click on "OUTLOOK") click on the GEAR icon, and click OPTIONS:

You will then be presented with the options under Mail / Automatic Processing.  Select the option "Separate items identified as Clutter":

... and that's it.  You will notice a new folder in your inbox called Clutter.  This is where all of the newly classified email will be directed.

If you want to learn more about this feature and how it really works, this is a great blog article put out by Microsoft:  

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